Bitcoin Green Roadmap


Q3 2017

  • Project inception and core team formation 
  • Initial design of the green protocol 
  • Begin recruiting additional core team members from proof-of-stake and masternode communities 

Q4 2017

  • Official website launch
  • Initial whitepaper release 
  • Bitcoin Green test network launch 

Q1 2018

  • Bitcoin green main network launch
  • Block explorer launch Windows, mac, linux wallet release
  • Listing on masternode sites
  • Bitcoin green blog launch
  • Community bounty program launch 
  • Bitcoin Green team member introduction
  • Airdrop launch Initial exchange listings
  • Planning and initial launch of Bitcoin Green awareness campaign 

Q2 2018

  • PHASE 1 - Awareness Campaign:
    Present at blockchain and sustainability conferences, BITG t-shirt and swag campaign, video series from Bitcoin Green team, blog series introducing masternodes and proof-of-stake, travel schedule announcement
  • Additional exchange listings
  • Partnership with the first cloud based masternode hosting site (To be advised)
  • More green partnership announcements Initial news and PR objectives

Q3 2018

  • PHASE 2 - Awareness campaign:
    “Bitcoin: An Inconvenient Truth” documentary explaining problems of proof-of-work mining, advantages of proof-of-stake, and the future of cryptocurrency sustainability, host and sponsor blockchain sustainability events)
  • Additional events schedule for Bitcoin Green tour
  • More exchanges…

Q4 2018

  • PHASE 3 - Awareness campaign:
    Establishment of Bitcoin Green non-profit foundation to further mission of increasing cryptocurrency sustainability and introducing proof-of-stake to the mainstream)
  • Bitcoin Green payment integration partnerships
  • iOS/Android mobile wallets for Bitcoin Green
  • Bitcoin Green hosted blockchain sustainability conference
  • Segregated witness implementation

Q1 2019

  • PHASE 4 - Awareness Campaign:
    Launch of Bitcoin Green sponsored proof-of-stake+masternode cryptocurrency exchange, with Bitcoin Green serving as quote currency (example trading pair would be DASH/BITG, i.e. not BTC as denominator, no proof-of-work currencies allowed!)
  • Additional partnership announcements